Elephant Corral

Unico Properties: LLC Denver, CO


Site of one of the earliest inns, mercantile businesses and stables in Denver, the Elephant Corral became an office building surrounding a sunken courtyard back in the ‘80s. Located in the historic district of Lower Downtown, the proposed improvements to the courtyard had to go through the Landmark Preservation review process.

On approval by the Landmark Preservation Commission, this previously underused space has become revitalized through the inclusion of a variety of seating and gathering spaces, focused around a dynamic, year-round fountain. The fountain acts as transition point between an upper and lower plaza, with water spilling between stepped pools. The grade transition is leveraged by the incorporation of deep, sandstone seating steps, that branch off from the fountain allowing for informal seating, or larger gatherings.

It’s name originally hinting at something wondrous and compelling, the Elephant Corral now plays host to more contemporary activities - such as a farmer’s market, barbecuing, and games of corn hole, providing tenants with an enlivened space. As a result, the Corral has once again become an important outdoor place for business and social activities.


Project Type

Unico Properties LLC

Belvedere stairs, courtyard plazas, water feature, amphitheater, landscape, pedestrian lighting